Fashion Over Reason: Miaow

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I've had this coat for a few years now and i just love it. I even had my mom bring it to me when she came to visit a few weeks ago (thanks mommy!) - it had to be removed from my suitcase at the airport due to overweight baggage. It's from a really amazing vintage store in Toronto on Queen street west (for all you Canadians out there!), i don't remember what it's called, but whenever i make it to Toronto i always try to stop by. I had been looking for this exact coat for a long long time and there it stood, almost like a light shining on it from above, ready for me to take it home. That was 4 years ago and i still love it jut as much. Leopard print is a classic. And so are blue jeans, a cashmere and a schoolboy blazer.

Coat - Vintage
Blazer - Richard Chai for Target
Jeans - J Brand
Sweater - H&M
Belt - Vintage


my empty closet said...

hey !! wow I really love that blue ! I am definitely having a blast at the cp. You also sound like you're enjoying your stint in Paris missy :) I'm actually going to be in toronto at the end of the month so i'm totally hunting down that shop of yours! Also love the cut of that jacket. yay for moms haha

take care!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

oooh love your coat!


Perfect denim pants ...

Ash Fox said...

love the jeans and leopard coat. lookin good!


coralie said...

This coat is just perfect!
Nice blog
Coralie from Paris

Brooke Michie said...

What a great shade of blue! I love it.

ironmaiden said...

those pants are just great! and they fit you perfectly.. good choice