Fashion Over Reason: Most stylish movies: Annie Hall edition

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Most stylish movies: Annie Hall edition

To continue my preppy fashion streak - well preppy, Ralph Lauren-inspired, dockide-wearing, crisp and clean attire, whatever you wanna call it, anything sans studs and dirty looking - i present you with one of the most fashion inspiring movies of all time, Annie Hall. Cinema inexhaustibly rouses stylistic emotion and i draw so much from it when it comes to fashion (hence why i started the "most stylish movies" feature) and this particular motion picture is a style master piece, not to mention right up my sartorial alley.

[images via starpulse and café mode]


LAYNE said...

I love all of these. esp. the second pic. so great!

thanks for making me feel better about not having a tri-pod :)


I V Y said...

very cool!