Fashion Over Reason: Sarah Taylor

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sarah Taylor

Canada isn't exactly known for its fashion, even if the country does have some amazing talent (Jeremy Laing? Rad Hourani? Even Thakoon is Canadian!). We don't really have any style icons that hail from our vast land - i honestly can't think of any known canadian personality who moonlights as a style icon. Anyway, in an effort of patriotism (ok maybe not), in comes Sarah Taylor. She's a VJ on MuchMusic (the canadian equivalent of MTV) and when i used to watch a few years back, i remember thinking i wanted that girl's style. She has the figure of a model, flawless skin, impeccable taste, a personal twist on every outfit and charisma to boot. I can't imagine her having changed, and while i haven't watched MuchMusic in years, i still declare her Canada's most stylish famous person. It was really difficult to find photos of her, so i can't even display her sartorial endeavors properly and with the merit it deserves. But a good indication is that she was recently captured by the Sartorialist for his Art of the trench business. So trust me on this one.


Anonymous said...

Elle est vraiment très bien habillée sur la première photo, c'est une de la série pour Burberry de Scott Schuman que j'ai bien aimé !

Stephanie said...

Sarahhhh!!! she's gorgeous and her legs for for milessssss. jealous lol.

loved your comment on the content warning lol! at first i was pissed but im totally over it now. you're totally right and it's become part of my "blog" now.