Fashion Over Reason: Seeing red

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seeing red

Though i'm not so much into bright colors, i've really been feeling red recently and apparently i'm not the only one. I loved how Alexa looked at the CFDA fashion fund. Plus she's in Jason Wu, whom i'm gorwing to love more and more, i think he's brilliant. Although i'm not crazy about flat shoes, i think they're adorable here.

And the ever so fabulous Karlie, in Costello Tagliapietra.

As well as another one of my faveskis, Kasia, in Rag & Bone.

Of course, LSD is a vision of coolness in SS 10 Proenza! Not too sure what Stam was thinking. I like the dress, but what's with the hair?



Anonymous said...

Alexa est très belle !!

Ah oui moi aussi je préfère dormir plutot que de faire la queue pour des chaussures, j'y suis allée parce que je passais devant. Et sinon, je ne fais du 36, mais du 40... :)

Anonymous said...

i love red right now too. its a good transition color from summer to fall to winter.

F <-- two girls blogging fashion from nyc and chicago!

Damsels said...

dont like alexa much ( dont shoot me please) just love this dress

my empty closet said...

you only say that cuz you can actually rock heels the right way haha (kidding...i actually agree with you SO much. trying really hard to make the transition, i swear)

loveee Kasia...( and kinda selfishly looove that you're coming back soon ! :) )


Haute World said...

Oh my, I didn't even recognize Stam with that do! She looks about 5 years older than she is! Love Alexa in that dress... I think the flats give it a more playful vibe which is quite refreshing. Kasia looks stunning. Red is definitely one of my favorite colors, especially during the colder months!

KP said...

appreciate red on others, but can't quote do it myself-love Stams dress-but true on the hair piece xo

Jess said...

jason wu is totally awesome, i definitely like him more and more too. Karlie looks ridiculously good here and I'm loving Kasia's jacket.

ilovecoolthings said...

Helene! Thanks for your answer :)

I agree with the red! followed by a very very bright red lipstick!



Yenny said...

Love Alexa in RED!

Studded Hearts

The Glossy Editor said...

dear god to have access to PS spring 10 NOW?! Jealous:) xx

Mads said...

I heart Karlie!!

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