Fashion Over Reason: A treasure

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A treasure

I'm a super crazed fan of all things vintage. Furniture, jewelry, books, and of course (and especially!), clothing. I like to go into these stores and pull out the most amazing piece... i love thinking about all the history that accompanies it: who was the previous owner? Why did they get rid of it? What era is it from? I wanted to share with you one of the most amazing pieces i've ever found in this fantastic little store in Paris on rue St-Honoré. I've been wanting to add a cape to my wardrobe for years (they're just so chic!) but never found one that i truly fell in love with. When i came across this unique item in mint condition from the 60's, i just knew i had to have it. One side is in this warm grey tweed with silver buttons at the collar and the most fantastic part about it?? It's reversible! Turn it inside out and it becomes a chic black velvet (or is it fur? i think it might be fur...) cape in the softest material ever. When i laid eyes on it in the store, it actually felt like i was uncovering a treasure. I think it may have been waiting for me its whole life.

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Stephanie said...

this is SUCH A piece!!! you totally lucked out!!! Great Paris find!!!