Fashion Over Reason: Closeups

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Often times in editorials there will one great closeup of the model and although that shot doesn't showcase the clothing, it's usually my favorite. The artistry shines through, the concept comes alive, the photographer expresses his vision and the model gives us a glimpse of her personality. I constantly am blown away by how closeups are some of the most alluring images in fashion photography. They draw me in like a magnet.

[tfs, fashion gone rogue]


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics - and i totally agree with you!

Antonio Barros said...

Sasha looks amazing in the beauty shoot!

minor keys said...

the Isabeli photo is stunning. she was so good in the Jil for Uniqlo ads, and as always, for Victoria's Secret.

Also, that's probably the 1st (and only) pic of Chanel that I like... thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

agreed these are gorgeous!! love the first two, especially but they're all amazing!