Fashion Over Reason: Celtic times enjoyed by i

Monday, December 7, 2009

Celtic times enjoyed by i

I was in the Netherlands all weekend, as mentioned yonder and i just had the most amazing time ever. However, the weekend prior i was in Dublin and i wanted to share a few photos with you. The weather was a little mad, but so incredibly perfect for a long walk on the cliffs. I actually felt as though i was in a Lord of the Rings movie. Mystical, eerie, but so magically picturesque. I also had the most delicious and fresh fish 'n chips i've ever had. I now understand why the Irish drink so much: what else is there to do but enjoy a few brewskis in such weather?


Stephanie said...

omgod so beautiful!!!! these pictures totally ignited the travel bug in me!! so sad that i have hardly traveled since my south pacific trip :( as soon as im making a more stable income/there's more stability in my life, ive promised myself i'd travel to far and away places again, even if its just for two weeks a year :)


ilovecoolthings said...

Helene, it looks like you had the best time ever, i haven't been to Dublin yet but it's on my list of things to do!

Tayler Worrell said...

these pictures are so beautiful! great blog <3

haute.teapot said...

totally made my night--it looks so beautiful. it looks like you had a lovely trip. :)