Fashion Over Reason: Layer cake

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Layer cake

You know when you're feeling too lazy to put in your contact lenses and all you wanna wear is a big bulky cozy hoodie? Well, that's still no excuse for bad footwear.

Jeans - J Brand
Leather jacket - Mackage
T-shirt - Gap
Boots - Vintage
Hoodie - borrowed from a male (the only right kind)
Glasses - Moscot


Anonymous said...

IN LOVE with your boots! i hope you don't mind me dreaming of them tonight! :P



Those are some of my favourtie OTK boots. They look great on your thin legs.

I will always love the hoodie/leather jacket combo!

Tayler Worrell said...

LOVE the boots, great looks <3

ms Givens said...

I like your glasses real well! I have 7 pairs.

Stephanie said...

love this look!!! the last picture is amazing!!! the hoodie is fantastic too as are the boots and the glasses with your hair up ;)