Fashion Over Reason: January 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Caped crusader

I must apologize for the extremely poor quality of the photos. I've been experimenting with different options and i had no batteries left for my camera, which explains the macbook photo booth pictures. And i don't have a friend on hand to go improvise ourselves an outdoors photo shoot (especially in this -40 degree weather we're currently encountering). I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if the lighting was better, but how does that saying go - you make with what you have? I tried to illustrate as best i could the greatness of these leather shorts: one of the few fantastic treasures i found in a fabulous little vintage boutique in Paris (Seriously, the city of lights harbors so many.. it's extremely enviable). Come to think of it, that is also where i unearthed this showstopping piece of a cape. (Click here to learn more) It's one of my most prized possessions, at the risk of sounding shallow. Every day i count my lucky stars that i have it (i almost left it behind due to its price tag, silly me!), it instantly adds chic and flair to absolutely any outfit.

Top - J Crew
Leather shorts - Vintage
Belt - Marc Jacobs
Boots - Nine West
Cape - Vintage
Bag - Cowboys Bag

Grey hair... Just kidding

Kate got grey streaks. But apparently they're not permanent... I sorta like it though - it's kind of badass. She looks phenomenal, trimmer, if i may say so.

[daily mail]

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little lamb

Just a gorgeous, gorgeous photo. Anja is divine.


Mean streets

The lovely Stephanie urged me to go check out this editorial by Elias Wessel, knowing that i would be completely taken with the photos. I love it when fashion spreads showcase city street. How amazing are these?!!!


The shining

Perhaps one of the greatest photos of Carine i've ever seen. She's glowing in all of her chic fabulosity. Yes, i just used the word fabulosity.

[via maydele]

Pearl hardware

It would be amazing if this was a part of my jewelry collection. The utmost perfect combination of dainty, oversized, feminine, classic, bulky and easy elegance.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haute couture mane

Heidi and Lara are captured leaving Chanel. You can be damn sure it was a hell of a show.

[tommy ton for]


I absolutely adore this image. I had seen it a while back but just came across it again randomly. I forget where it's from originally, but i deem it to be quite touching. There is an unmistakable prettiness and a poignant vulnerability about it.

[via sablevessels]

A little pick-me-up

When i dream of rainbows, this is pretty much what it looks like. The Bayswater Mulberry bag, an absolute must to get you through life.

Mistaken identity

I apologize for the randomness of this post, but i nearly fell off my chair when i saw this photo on le smoking. It's uncanny how much this looks like me! I actually thought it was me... so weird... i got goosebumps.

[via lesmoking]

And the winner is

So kitsch and so fantastic! By Miles Aldridge, of course.


New blood

Every show season, a new girl emerges as the one to watch and the kind of exposure that results launches her career. As i was going through the pre-fall collections, a face kept popping up over and over: Lisanne de Jong. This little lady is pretty darn fresh to the business: she walked a few shows in the ss10 season (and was a Prada exclusive, no less), but she doesn't even have a model profile on yet. The pre-fall and resort "seasons" are where the new standout girls are really showcased and Lisanne seems to be right up there: she was one of the 3 girls at Proenza, the first girl out at Prada, as well as the sole model at both Missoni and Burberry (perhaps because she's the new face of their eyewear division?). I bet she'll go very far - plus she's Dutch (i loooove Dutch people!). I personally think she looks like the love child of Caroline Trentini and Taylor Tomasi.





[tfs, fashiongonerogue,]

Will you still be sending me a valentine?

Before they were internationally acclaimed fashion celebrities.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Crazy on you

The hat, the paisley dress, the color palette - a girlier side of Kate that is just as admirable. Most definitely my vibe du jour.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

No snow

Even in the heart of winter you can find a sliver of hope. And by hope i mean a time when it gets mild and dry enough to wear something other than clunky boots on your feet. Although keeping warm in a big fur bonnet (courtesy of my grandfather) is still definitely a must! Ps i know this isn't exactly the most glamorous background, but it'll have to do until i find a better solution.

Top - YSL
Jeans - The Kooples
Shoes - Zara
Fur hat - Vintage
Pearl necklace (worn as bracelet) - Vintage
Watch - Montblanc
Other bracelt - H&M

Friday, January 22, 2010

Indiana Jones would not approve

One of the most outstanding ad campaigns i've ever seen. Photographed by Nick Knight - genius.


It's that time of year

I'd like to share with you, my dear readers, the ss10 trend report i submitted as part of the work i was doing in Paris. I had such a bloody fantastic time covering Paris fashion week and putting this together during the fall... Now that spring is almost (!!!) among us, it's the perfect time to go through it again and get excited about getting dressed for the warmer months. Bonus if you speak french. I hope you all have an amazing weekend ♥

Ss Trend Report


If you admire Julia Restoin-Roitfeld's style as much as i do, you must watch this video made for Fashionair. She talks personal style and lends us some advice she got from her fabulous mother. What i like most about her is her apparent sincerity - her demeanor, her words, her style, her body. No wonder she's practically reached icon status.

Click here to watch the video!


Chung pow

Completely in love with this look - the colors, navy and tan, make the most perfect combination, the Chanel, the easiness. Brilliant.

[via rdujour]

Bonne fête papa!

It was my daddy's birthday last sunday and we celebrated with a homemade meal made by yours truly. I had my family over to celebrate and the perfect finale to this 5 course dinner: homemade sticky buns! Je t'aime papa :)

At the ballet

A passion of mine is ballet... It's so beautiful, so gracious and so feminine. I already proclaimed my love for this divine dance form in a post back in July. When i lived in Paris this fall, i made sure to catch 2 shows at the legendary Opéra Garnier. Both of the presentations i attended were some of my most memorable moments, if not for the actual performances, for the breathtaking sights. I've been wanting to share these for some time now so here they are. I hope they bring you as much inspiration as they bring me!

In these photos i am wearing:
Dress - Chloé
Belt - Vintage
Tights - MaxMara
Boots - Michael Kors
Leather jacket - Mackage
Bag - Bottega Veneta
Fur scarf - Vintage

In this photo i am wearing:
Dress - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Boots - Vintage
Tights - DKNY
Leather jacket - H&M
Bag - Marc Jacobs