Fashion Over Reason: Garden party

Friday, January 8, 2010

Garden party

I love florals, i melt over soft pastels and i adore grazing the line between ultimate femininity and tomboy tough. H&M's new garden collection is nothing to run home about - it all looks kind of cheap, in my humble opinion, with the exception of a few pieces. But this look has my heart in a pitter patter. Oversized cream khaki anorak meets sweet feminine ruffles? Yes please. I hope she's wearing these or these on her feet. What kind of shoe would you pair this with?



Anonymous said...

Toutes les photos donne envie de fleurs :)
Et Natasha est super jolie :)

stephanie said...

this is a gorgeous combo. i love florals atm as well. in fact last night, i was trying to dig out my two year old h&m dress with petit fleurs on it...but alas i realized that i brought it to the salvation army or value village in that last feng shui attact i had- positive i wouldn;t want it anymore. which is usually the case when i get rid of things, but this time i was wrong ;( hate that feeling! i'm gonna try and hit up zara and to find another dress to replace it.