Fashion Over Reason: Grey hair... Just kidding

Friday, January 29, 2010

Grey hair... Just kidding

Kate got grey streaks. But apparently they're not permanent... I sorta like it though - it's kind of badass. She looks phenomenal, trimmer, if i may say so.

[daily mail]


Cindy said...

she looks amazing. very zebra, i wonder if thats why she did it considering it was kind of the theme of the party. i wish i was blond, i'd put pale pink or grey streaks in whenever i was in the mood.

Anonymous said...

Je suis pas très fan, mais je dois dire que ça lui va pas mal !

Stephanie said...

The gray highlights lol! i couldn't stop staring at these when i saw them i dont remember where yesterday...i was like, really?! lol! i like them too ;)