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Friday, January 1, 2010

Here here

Dear readers, i do realize that i completely disappeared off the face of the blogosphere and for that i deeply apologize. The holidays have kept me so busy i've barely had time to check my email. 2010 will bring me back in full force, don't you worry.

Ringing in the new year in Valentino. What more do you want?


ARANXA. said...

happy new years hun :)
lovely shirt!

Anonymous said...

Bonne année :)

Stephanie said...

classic. gorgeous!!! hope you had an amazing night!!! I didn't got out this year. i'm kinda over the who nye party scene. more into the dinner party scenario :)

i figured you were just- re-adjusting to being back home. The holidays are crazy. i didn't even do too much but felt like i needed a break from everything :) Hope you've eased a little more into being home from Paris. I imagined that would have been a tough transition :)

Thanks for all your comments! :)

hope 2010 is amazing for you :) xx

Nina said...

What a classic Valentino top! Happy New Year!