Fashion Over Reason: Let your light shine down

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let your light shine down

I purchased the Natasha obsessed issue of Muse back when it came out, but i just got around to reading it last week (i know, shameful but i really had no time before) and it made me even more obsessed with someone i was already incredibly obsessed with. What i particularly loved about the issue is that almost every article was a revelation about a side of her personality through the eyes of those who are close to her. Whether the testimonies came from people who have encountered her on a professional or personal scale, learning about miss Poly was a real treat. Here's my little personal tribute Natasha's realness, her arresting beauty, her amazing versatility and her delectable personality, all contributing factors that have made her one of the most important faces in fashion of the decade that has just ended. This can only mean ongoing success in the one to come.

[photos via tfs and jak&jil]


ilovecoolthings said...

she should show her teeth more when she's smiling! my favorite is the last picture you posted, she looks the most natural here.

happy new year cherie!!!


ARANXA. said...

ooh my! i'm in love with all this pictures :)
such an inspiration.