Fashion Over Reason: A little pick-me-up

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A little pick-me-up

When i dream of rainbows, this is pretty much what it looks like. The Bayswater Mulberry bag, an absolute must to get you through life.

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Stephanie said...

saw your comment about this bag today and i totally agree- i feel like its an "affordable" alternative to the birkin- if thats a look you want to go for. i never thought id be a birkin girl, but lately ive been coveting the one ashley olsen and/or olivia palermo tote around.

anyways...the birkin= never gonna happen lol.

but the bayswater: my bff and i are planning on buying one each as "friendship bags" this fall. i was looking at getting one then and she needs a new bag, so we were like lets get friendship mulberrys lol!.

we're a little ridiculous like that lol! last summer we bought "friendship david yurman" pieces: she got a bracelet and i got a ring. we're insane lol!!! i love it!