Fashion Over Reason: Maxi perfection

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Maxi perfection

I've never been one to wear long skirts. Actually whenever i attempt the maxi, i always feel either silly, uncomfortable or OTT, so to speak. Basically, it just doesn't feel like me... after all, my motto has always been something along the lines of "the shorter the better". But i'm strangely experiencing a growing fondness for the longer styles as of late. Perhaps it's because i'm getting older (i now somehow feel awkwardly inappropriate when my bottom threads are too short)? Or maybe i'm leaning towards ankle length styles due to my constant need to change the scenery? My soft spot is definitely for long grey jersey dresses and this outfit is kind of perfect. Leave it to the girls of Anywho to concoct this flawless getup.


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stephanie said...

Your comment made me smile ;) Thank you!

Love the maxi jersey dress as well- but not too sure i can pull it off. i think im better suited to minis. i have this great jersey olsen-esque knee-length bodycon skirt and i find it accents my hips to much to make them appear unproportionate- total optical illusion. i did recently try on a Kain maxi dress like this one but a bit more sheer and less jersey and i didn't like the fit at all. i think james perse would make a good option of this style. it's a great summer layerting piece and perfect for those sweltering days Montreal is know for- except for last summer lol!

You really know your Chloé seasons!!! amazing!!!! i love that you could call what season the blue dress was from exactly. i think i can call all my favourite pieces from fave designers for the last two years, but prior to that (and incidentally joining the blogging world) i have to do my research :) I also realized after i sent you the link for the page that i updated stardust and the picture i wanted you to see was on another page at that point, but i think you found it anyways :) im trying to figure out how to make me post titles on stardust invisible except for when you roll your cursor over them. this would be perfect but it involves some (more!) html research/dyi learning that i haven't found the time for yet :) rigght now none of my posts have titles and in link sharing cases, it gets tricky!


oh! and i SOOOOO hear you on the snow. i think i alluded to that point in a recent point. i would be fine if it were fall and spring (minus the rain, but say May) year round. my two fave times of the year when its not too cold and you can layer comfortably and STILL wear any shoes you want or May when it's that perfect amount of heat :) well for the city anyways....on the beach i prefer a scorcher! lol!