Fashion Over Reason: Mean streets

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mean streets

The lovely Stephanie urged me to go check out this editorial by Elias Wessel, knowing that i would be completely taken with the photos. I love it when fashion spreads showcase city street. How amazing are these?!!!



Anonymous said...

LOVE IT, they look awesome against the concrete!

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

stephanie said...

lol! amazing!! so glad you love it!! i am in LOVE with the last shot! it's the one that stole my soul ;)

I loved your cooking music comment!!1 Motown! SUCH a classic! i need to borrow some of their cd's from my parents'!!!!

And thank you for your super sweet comment ;) Speaking of ankle pants- i got an amazing pair recently to replace my torn grey current/elliotts: the Guenevere Sevens. they're amazing!!!!!!! you'd love them! and i had a feeling you were gonna love that bag! it does have such an equestrian vibe ;) i need to wear it more often. it was such a good VV find. it's hard to score great bags at thrift stores...but ive got a few and they're all pretty awesome :)

omgod have you seen the snow squalls happening this afternoon?!!! it looked like an avalanche outside my window! i couldnt see a thing and you could tell it was so windy! I am loving the picture perfect snow that's been falling sporadically since yesterday evening. i love it when it snows at dusk, and the flakes are really big: it's so magical/romantic :) its the best kind of snow:)