Fashion Over Reason: No snow

Saturday, January 23, 2010

No snow

Even in the heart of winter you can find a sliver of hope. And by hope i mean a time when it gets mild and dry enough to wear something other than clunky boots on your feet. Although keeping warm in a big fur bonnet (courtesy of my grandfather) is still definitely a must! Ps i know this isn't exactly the most glamorous background, but it'll have to do until i find a better solution.

Top - YSL
Jeans - The Kooples
Shoes - Zara
Fur hat - Vintage
Pearl necklace (worn as bracelet) - Vintage
Watch - Montblanc
Other bracelt - H&M


Cynthia said...

The weather has been pretty nice lately, just wished it could stay like this until winter is over.
love the simplicity of your outfit! Just wanted to say that I love your blog!!!!

Cindy said...

i always by the same colours of polish over and over as you can prob tell from the video, it's kind of annoying, lol.
i have metro chic it is gorgeous.. such a classic colour.

i adore your zara boots, did they have them in black too? i think i tried these on recently.

Anonymous said...

Les boots Zara sont top !!

Rebecca said...

great outfit perfectly simple

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

i have the same shoes in black, but I love the colour of yours too, I hadn't seen them before! xx

stephanie said...

i LOVE this outfit and the shoes with the black socks!!! amazing!!! and your bracelets....and the WATCH. im FREAKING over the watch lol! im gonna do a quick ebay search now and see what turns up ;) im looking for a blakc leather band addition to my rose gold one lol! xx

thanks for your email! ill be writing you asap!