Fashion Over Reason: Workwear

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm finding all sorts of photos that i forgot about. Again, worn in the fall, still in Paris and on my way to work.

Button down - Rogan for Target
Tweed blazer - Zara
Jeans - The Kooples
Shoes - favorite boots ever found in random store on 6th ave.


Anonymous said...

Très jolie tenue !

marie said...

Your hair is gorgeous! What products do you use/how do you style it?

Damsels said...

loev the color of that jacket ... it looks great with the loose top

ARANXA. said...

you seriously dress too cool, hahah i love your shoes and those jeans

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful!!! I love everything about this outfit. It's classic charm, yet it's modern chicness. Perfect outfit.

stephanie said...

omgod this outfit is gorgeous!!!!! i am in love with those boots too!!!! this is what i love about working at creative offices- you can look pulled together without having the obligation to wear a three piece suit (read: boring!). lol!

thanks for you comments, lady!!! that blouse and bag look is a favourite of mine and i'm not surprised you like the bag because i think the combo would look great on you! and so funny you commented on the Giovanna post because i had this flash after i posted it and someone left me a comment saying they thought i looked a little like her (best compliment ever lol!) and then i thought about Lauren Santo Domingo and i was like wait....Hélène looks like Lauren!!!!! so you be Lauren and i'll be Giovanna and together we'll take on the city! lol!!!!!

and tell me about the break from the cold- loving that i dont have to wear winter boots for a little while:) and today the sun is out!!! yay!!!

have a great weekend, lady! xx

my empty closet said...

u have such an awesome nack for putting things together. it's a constant source of jealousy for me haha :p

sorry for being mia !! i can't wait to see youuu :) just as you got back about 3 of my other friends left..for france! ironic...but next week? any time in the evening :)

minor keys said...

you look beautiful; the hair is perfect.