Fashion Over Reason: All of the above

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All of the above

Ohlala! I've myself been completely obsessed with cuffing my pants for the past few months (actually, if you open my closet, you'll find that every single pair of trousers and jeans is rolled up at the bottom - unless it's been freshly washed, of course). I'm just thoroughly enjoying all the elements of this photo.



Stephanie said...

gorgeous picture!!!!

Thanks for the PS vs. LV clarification!!!! Both collections have striking similarities! I edited the post and linked you for the clarification ;) ♥

and thanks for the comment on the lookbook post- did you by any chance see the contest contenders? Here's the link (scroll down to see the top 50 so far)...i don't want to be out of line, but seriously is lookbook a popularity contest or what?!!! there are some looks with 100+ "hype" and i'm just staring at them, thinking, really?!!! lol!!!


Anonymous said...

J'adore cette photo !

Sophie Carmo said...

Very pretty...Muakssss