Fashion Over Reason: Bearer of light

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bearer of light

I feel like a teenager with a crush. Phillip Lim, i knew you wouldn't let me down! You've been one of my favorites since the start of your 3.1 label and your consistent ability to make me lust for all of your pieces every season makes me giddy with excitement. Thank you. PS I love you.



Jessie77 said...

i need those pants in my life!!!!!

stephanie said...

The 6th look: OMGOD!!! I want the whole thing!

I haden't seen Philip Lim yet but i didn't doubt i would love it (you know how some designers can just do no wrong in your eyes, because overall you've just loved what they do season after season? Well Alex wang and Philip lim and Proenza Schouler kinda fall into those categories for me. Like Alex wang- i cant really see myself in any of his FW10 pieces but i can relate to the collection. I feel the same way about P.L and P.S: no matter what, i know they're relateable to my style and tastes.)

I love that Louboutin has been doing Philip's shoes, they are amazing! i surely wouldn't be able to afford any., but i wonder if they're runway exclusives, or available for sale afterwards?

What was your favourite look?

and Full House! you have to get a season! i got season three and Michelle is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!! even my brother watches it with me and laughs out loud. it's so wholesome, there's no shows like those 90's sitcoms today. it's a whole other way of watching TV- a whole other era too. they weren't over scripted either, everything feels somewhat relateable. It's no wonder the Olsens made so much success off the show, you just want to be around them in real life, watching them on the show and you can tell the cast found them irresistible too, it's like every opportunity they get to hold "Michelle" they take it lol! TOO damn cute!

and Stephanie! I cant believe she turned out that way! i'd forgotten completely !!!! so typical...the Olsens are just amazing, a true child star phenomenon for not falling down the rabbit hole and really making something of themselves. It honestly makes me love them even more. oh and Jesse! WHAT a heartthrob!!!! And trying to imagine Bob Saget- he's so "wholesome" on the show- when in real life he's so crass and just the total opposite of Danny Tanner. My brother tells me he read somewhere that in between takes he would go off set in a swearing frenzy! SO CRAZY to imagine him like that when he's playing Danny! I cant imagine all the shit the younger cast witnessed lol!

Speaking of which, i totally get you on the Row vibe: i love the quality of their basics. it's everything you want when you're investing in basics. do you ever shop at ça va de soi? its my favourite cashmere spot in Montreal. they're Laurier store is amazing.

xx have a great day, lady!

stephanie said...

..and of my whole comment rant lol, i forget to mention that i LOVED the embelllishments Lim does SO well. I fell so in love with this blouse @Holts this season, it had this gorgeous statement necklace-esque embellishment but i didn't end up getting it. and there were these gorgeous paperbag shorts too i could have easily grabbed up but i saw them on my way out after i'd already made my holts purchase..kinda hate when that happens cause i rarely have the patience to go back and try the pieces on.

And Tao walked for him. I was going to do a post on her recently, she;s my favourite asian model. im not really a "model girl" to be honest, but there are a few that kinda manage to steal my heart and she is one of them. Anja and Frida G are too.


Jessica said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i love philip lim!!! he never shows anything other than SOOOO GOOD!! those 1st pair of pants are TO DIE FOR!!! ahhh! this is my first time seeing the collection too.. i am now going to view the entire thing!!