Fashion Over Reason: Bonnie Parker

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bonnie Parker

With all of the editorials that surface and go around on the web before they're actually released in print, it becomes very difficult to be surprised when you finally do see them in the glossy pages. For obvious reasons, i hold off on peeking at the stories that will appear in the magazines that i purchase and reserve the web viewing for the bibles that i won't be able to get my little paws on. So imagine my delight upon flipping the pages of the March issue of Harper's Bazaar US and seeing Anna S. dressed as the über-chic Bonnie Parker. I fell in love on the first page: the setting, the vibe, the styling, the model! Call me old-fashioned, but these types of stories really inspire me.

The 70's Bonnie, incarnated by the beautiful Faye Dunaway.

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Stephanie said...

This editorial is amazing! You're absolutely right. i love the classic days-gone-by theme is has going on and Anna was brilliantly cast her.

I've come to the honest conclusion that the muses we have/the girls we tend to admire often reflect who we are. Seriously, lady in this editorial you could be Anna!!! I swear you remind me of her! and of Lauren SD! Crazy eh? lol!

Talking about crazy, how insane is this weather we're having?!!