Fashion Over Reason: The coolest cat

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The coolest cat

Chloë looking her usual flawlessly cool self over at nyc fashion week.



TMFA said...

Stunning image! the snow makes it extra nice.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

LOVE her!

stephanie said...

She looks amazing! i love the head to toe black with the falling snow. admittedly, i also really enjoyed seeing everyone in "winter-ready" attire hitting the's nice to see what they might wear if they lived in this wintry city lol!! xx

Jessica Weingarten said...

She looks amazing as always, gah!
Great blog by the way :)


Jessica said...

i LOVE the 70s AND I LOVE THIS LOOK <3!!! You look great and your fur coat is Fabulous.. it looks like its in great condition.. is it rabbit?

Jessica said...

Chloe is so stylish!! I love her boots too!!

A Gluten Freestyle said...

I agree.. awesome photo.
She just rocks it every time.

ARANXA. said...

i really envy lovely ladies who dress amazing in such extreme climate!

Unknown said...

Gosh, I am jealous how well put together she always is. Sigh, the snow is a gorgeous touch!

stephanie said...


OMGOD Fashion Gone Rogue is back up! Im SO HAPPY! Thye just make my blogging life so much easier in between outfit posts ;) i donated a small amount to their cause cause i use the site so much so it felt like the only morally right thing to do in their time of need :)

I DID got to H&M event on Friday. were yo8u invited! you should have told me- we could have met up! I went because some of the loulou girls were going and they asked me come along but i had LOW expectations for the collection because i wasn't a fan of all the multi colours. they had a really cute rag doll though and i did like the top in black that says: Mon Pull rykiel but they didn't have my size and i was reluctant about the fit. I did get something though, and H&M regular collection piece, it's a orangy/brown/gold/green striped missoni inspired dress. im still not sure about the fit on me but the colours are a great asset to my complexion and dark hair and it's so comfy as far as that goes.
No idea when the new zara opens, but im looking forward to it too though i imagine it'll be NUTS with all the withdrawal people are currently going through lol!

Everyone's sick! ive got this week left in the office and im praying to not catch anything cause i ALWAYS get sick- seriously and its always with the god damn stomach flu. Ughh. I hope you're feeling better soon! ♥

Im starting to go a bit crazy getting ready for my move! I cant wait for the new space but im also half lazy to pack and half to ambitious for the decorating of the new space. I share this space with my brother so it will be nice to FINALLY explore my interior decorating tastes!