Fashion Over Reason: I got a pocket full of dreams

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I got a pocket full of dreams

Alex Wang talks about his fall 2010 collection. I couldn't resist capturing stills from the video, the images were so touching.

[my own screen caps]

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Stephanie said...

Great idea! this video was amazing. just really beautiful with the silence after the storm, it looked like, outside too.

Thanks for the heads up about Maelle Rickers!!! I tuned into CTV just in time to see her live and then watch the montage! LOL! Was that her mom in the stands cheering?! totally made me teary with the "I believe" Yanofsky melody! I love how much fun you can see Maelle and Alex having...they're SO genuine and you can really tell in their body language and interviews, it just makes me so much happier that they've won! Maelle could not stop SMILING the whole time in her interview + i also really LOVE her 2010 comeback after what happened in 06 Turin.

And were right ;) P.S is demain! Sorry for the confusion!

I still need to see The Row. gonna go check that watching figure skating right now...god only knows why- ive watched it because it's on on CTV after the medalists interviews the past few nights and it's just unpleasant to watch because they all seem so dissapointed after they skate and they fall in their jumps and triple axels consistently, it seems... and the announcers/commentators are SO HARD on them! i dont get it, makes me feel like im watching an amateur sport or something (????) lol. but i just watched this Japanese skater actually as i was typing this- Kozuka(?)- and he just NAILED his routine so kinda makes up for me rant lol!

I also bought a season of Full House today and watched some of that earlier on and it's just as good as i remember it! and Michelle Tanner is SOOO cute!!!!! cuter than i remember even.

Ok this comment should be another essay by now lol! xx