Fashion Over Reason: Marc Jacobs, give me my heart back!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marc Jacobs, give me my heart back!

So obviously i've been closely following nyfw but unfortunately my ultra busy schedule as of late hasn't allowed me to keep the blog as up-to-date as i would like. And i missed the live streaming of the Marc Jacobs show last night with utter disappointment due to a meeting that ran extra late. Praise the lord for lightening speed access to runway imagery! With the exception of the fall 2007 collection, i have never been blown away by his eponymous label - until now. Every look had such an exquisite and simple sensibility, they felt fresh without subscribing to any particular trend (unless you count velvet, which by the way i am a big fan of) and while many would argue that this collection isn't revolutionary, well, sometimes it just doesn't need to be. Especially with clothing this beautiful.

(And Stephanie, there were some amazing bags!!)

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Stephanie said...

LOL!!! I KNOW!!! hahahah!!

I missed the live stream too. actually, i didnt even know there was one ;( cant wait for the Row and PS today! the latter of which ill be watching, live!

Im IN LOVE with the second look in the second row here. Have you seen them over at (there are like 120 images and close-ups that show the gorgeous details!) I also LOVED the the see-through "plastic-looking" shimmering trench with fur trim. INSANE! I hope Carine wears it!! Or Anna DR.

THe only thing im not so into yet is the A-line mid-length skirt...feels kinda grand-maman for me...but i am really into the floor length trend taking place ;)


Unknown said...

i just salivated over this...i'm a huge fur freak and i haven't seen it this well done in so long! of course, i doubt I'll be able to afford the real thing but some well done knockoffs sure wouldn't hurt my wardrobe!

my empty closet said...

ahhh! i totally thought of you as i clicked through it (also missed the live stream...pissed...)

i had a feeling you might at least hate it less than usual based on the fact that it was SO beige hehe

i kinda loved it all too, minus the shoesies..wasn't so hot for those.

Jessica said...

i COMPLETELY agree with you!!!! ahhh i cannot wait to see this stuff in editorials!