Fashion Over Reason: Oui oui ma chérie!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Oui oui ma chérie!

It's as though you can almost feel and smell the crisp air emanating from these images. Isabeli is the embodiment of chic in this frenchie-inspired editorial. Also, this is making me really excited for Paris fashion week!



Unknown said...

oh these pictures are gorgeous!! wow. what a beautiful backdrop too.
xoxo alison

Stephanie said...

omgod these are gorgeous! i love the first picture so much: Paris in the springtime!
I also adore those pictures where you can s m e l l the weather pictured, purely based on recollection of similar days. i can smell the early days of spring often even just by thinking of the feeling i have that time of year ;)


Jessica said...

i LOVE this editorial. i wanted to post it too :).. i especially love the picture where she is wearing the pink miu miu!!

Unknown said...

Why was I not born in France? I have french citizenship but not the true essence of French elegance.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. The dress in the first photo is amazing.

ironmaiden said...

love this editorial

blog award waiting for you at my blog =)