Fashion Over Reason: Popsicle season

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Popsicle season

I was going through my image bank and stumbled on these! They're from this past August, when i had just set camp in Paris. Seeing them has definitely brought me a tinge of nostalgia. Especially when i look at that tan. Anyway, i had not posted these (the reason eludes me), so in my best effort to not concentrate on my desire for winter to be gone already, here's a little reminder of how fantastic warmer weather can be.

Top - Gap
Shorts - H&M men's
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Chanel


No said...

Those shorts are THE perfect length and paired with flats go from boyish to absolutely adorable. And thanks for the note! For some reason I didn't see the first one :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks dear for the vote, means the world to me! The dress is from Primark. Love the shorts with the pink tee, great outfit! Love how you did you hair. How did you do it like this?

after dawn said...

just discovered your blog really like it!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love the shorts! =)

Anonymous said...

great outfit! oh, how i miss summer!

The Sydney Girl said...

gorgeous!!! love the pink shade! mwa

stephanie said...

omgod you're so funny with your winter distaste- lol. you remind me so much of my best friend who's ALWAYS freezing and HATES winter like i've never seen anyone hate it before lol!!!

the outfit is summer perfect. and oh myyyyyyyy if those shoes weren't m a d e for you i dont know what is lol!


stephanie said...

i just realized i never answered your question about what blush i wear :)

it's a layering situation- first i apply NARS the Multiple in Orgasm directly on my cheeks in a few strokes. i blend it with my fingers up towards my temple. Then i apply NARS blush (regular) in Oasis. and sometimes i top everything off with MAC Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle.

Hope that helps! Go with Oasis- i think- it's amazing :)


Taylor Sterling said...

loove it the colors are right on point with spring!

ARANXA. said...

i love the colors of this outfit :)
and those shoes are a killer!

eesa said...

i love your shorts/am jealous you can pull them off really welll...x