Fashion Over Reason: Take it easy, baby

Friday, February 5, 2010

Take it easy, baby

By the end of the day, the sleeves were inevitably rolled up, not gonna lie. Once i finished throwing this look together, i realized that it really resembled a Ralph Lauren ad. That pretty much sealed the deal.

Button-down - Valentino
Trousers - Chloé
Belt - Vintage
Boots - Michael Kors

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Tu es toujours aussi chic !

O'STYLE said...

Thank u girrrrl!!! I love yours!!!

have a wonderful weekend u too!


Unknown said...

oh this is so beautiful! those pants are amazing

minor keys said...

delightfully romantic.

Stephanie said...

This outfit is, of course impeccable and i love the volume in the sleeves/the proportion of this look. Are your chloé's a Paris purchase or Vintage/thrifted?

You're gorgeous, lady with FANTASTIC style ;) and.....i love the setting for these this in Montreal now? The french doors in your place are beautiful. I had a friend who lived on Mont.Royal above the Multimags and she had a) a beautiful places and b) two french doors that opened onto a MASSIVE kitchen with a big bay window. That place is FULL of light. She moved back to Toronto so no more visits to that place... but what a location it was! on top of multimags?! LOL!! my haven haha! what area of Montreal do you live in btw? I'm gonna send you an email tmr answering your last comment, so you can get back to me on this one in the email, if you want :)


Marla Singer said...

i love the shirt and the pants! very classy! and nice legs too <33

katielouise said...

beautiful! love the trousers xx

ilovecoolthings said...

dude, LOVE those pants

ironmaiden said...

j'adore les pants.. ils te vont super bien =)




Antonio Barros said...

Amazing outfit!