Fashion Over Reason:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thought i'd share with you what i did this past sunday. In true Canadian spirit, this girl laced up her skates, braved the cold and had a an absolute blast.


stephanie said...

OMGOD you are TOO cute for words! LOVE your toque ;)

i can't believe they're called "cartes de visite" in France. what the hell is that supposed to mean? LOL!

and i CANNOT believe you saw Anja! at Whole Foods! My favourite grocery store!! i loved having access to one when i lived in Toronto.

Even though im not a "model girl" i would have been so starstruck to see Anja as well! my friend was in Paris in September around ParisFW and she saw Daria. i thought that was awesome!

and i'm soooo glad with all the sun and lack of snow we've been having too! it's perfect for wearing shoes!!! i just wish there was less salt...but i wont be picky given the insane luck without the snow when everyone else (like NYC!!!) seems to be getting pummeled. I just hope it doens't hit us a like a week or two because that's when i move and i don't want to be moving in anything less than these conditions now that i've gotten used to this lol!!


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

aw cute, looks like so much fun! I was sooo mad it was too busy on sunday when we went. My boy told me we would go this weekend, so I am keeping my fingers crossed ;)

Jessica said...

haha this is so cute! i havent gone skating in 2 years and i miss it :(

Cynthia said...

Love the skating outfit!!!

Anonymous said...

Were you on the Canal ??!?
I'm going there tomorrow afternoon :)
Haven't gone since moving back like 15 years ago... LOL should be quite an experience ;)

Hélène Heath said...

^^Marie is that you up there as anonymous??

No this was not on the canal! Although JM and i told each other we should make the trip down one saturday, maybe we can meet up?

We went to old port, it was so romantic! Plus it was the perfect temperature with big fat snowflakes falling, we had so much fun!

How did your "comeback" go??! I hadn't been in years but apart from the fact that i couldn't break anymore, i was quite good! lol


Stephanie said...

LOL! it's not bad etiquette!! it's the reason i enabled the comments :) i love hearing what you think! That Full House clip- too funny with the dancing flower eh?! lol!

i didn't go see nicole..i could've i suppose but it was open to everyone and even though i blog about these people, i'm so not the kind of person that's gonna line up to see them. maybe when i was younger...but i feel like it's a bit ridiculous to do that now and ooh and ahh over them. i'd much prefer to spot them on the street unexpectedly or something, you know.


Anonymous said...

Oops... Yeah that was me... LOL

My comeback was... a little harder then what I remembered of skating ;) Let's just say the 2,5 km I managed to go through were plenty !
But the beaver tail was just like I remembered :)

For sure if you guys come down we should meet up: it would be a great to get my skating back on track !