Fashion Over Reason: Two girls in Chanel

Friday, February 12, 2010

Two girls in Chanel

Two ladies who have style running through their veins.



Sophie Carmo said...

So nicesssss....Muaksss

ilovecoolthings said...

love vanessa
love the dress on kate

Keli said...

ohhh, I just love kate.

by Sutton said...

so beautiful! love kate's tights!!

thanks for sharing, & stopping by my blog!!

Francesca Robertson said...

that dress on the right is to die for. im all about the sheer tops this spring.

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

TMFA said...

I love the lady on the left (L)

Stephanie said...

you're so right..."running through their veins."

amazing. xx

Jessica said...

I know, you are so right! They are both SO effortlessly stylish!

BTW, I mentioned you in my latest blog post! Check out Cynthia Steffe fall 2010, there is a cape that looks JUST like the one you bought in paris! The whole collection is so cute too!!

Heres the link to my post:

Fashion Cappuccino said...

They both look so pretty! I love Kate's hair! xoxoxoo

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your comment lady :) it was a short outside venture and my coat was nearby ;) it's fun to get outside sometimes for a change, if there's someone willing to take your pictures! i cant wait if we meet up this summer :) we could grab tea/coffee and shoot our looks ;)

I know what you mean about McQueen...i felt DEVASTATED. like taking a bullet to the heart or something. i think it affects us because we feel such an affinity for the industry and its true talents. there's talk of Gucci shutting down his line which i hope they do because i really think it would be a very fitting decision and there's no doubt in my mind that he was basically at the height of his career these past few seasons/years and the shoes (no pun here!) would be hard, if not impossible, to fill should someone have to.

I DID watch the O.Ceremonies, i'm so ridiculous- they make me tear up and get all choked up EVERY time! you should have seen me watching the O.Ceremonies two years ago in Beijing: I was rushing off to work with the TV on trying to catch every bit of them and i was so moved! I kept thinking of how it was LITERALLY bringing the whole world together. It's just incredible and REALLY moving. and Nikki?! HOW GORGEOUS did she look?!! Her voice, the styling, i just LOVE her!!!!!!

I just did a little post on my fave recent collections and i thought of you for Azrouël: did you see it? My opinion is SHORT and to the point ;) but i think you'll be a fan of the pieces and tailoring too :) Did you see Alex Wang? I watched it live online and it made my season lol! i was sooo excited to see all the who's who arriving and taking their seats. it was cool to see them in action. I even got a few glimpses of Julia RR front row with her mom ;) exchanging words on the collection- i posted my opinion of Alex Wang on Stardust (Memories).

Speaking of which, the reason i asked about the collage is cause it's AMAZING! what a tribute!! and two, i want to post it on Stardust and credit it properly ;)

and no plans for today ;) My mom, however, is always my Valentine and this year she's in Costa Rica but STILL managed to surprise me with a delivery of chocolate covered strawberries and the most touching card this morning! SOOO CUTE!! ♥ her! lol!

I hope you have the BEST day!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's day, lady ♥


Gall said...

goodness i love kate. she always keeps me coming back for me. hope you're doing well helen!
xox plaid&simple