Fashion Over Reason: When i forget myself, i want you to remind me

Thursday, February 4, 2010

When i forget myself, i want you to remind me

As i've been saying for a while now (here, here, here and here, among others), i'm rebelling against the grunge overkill we're currently experiencing. Not that i had completely adhered to it anyway - i mean, one must remain true to their own style above any trend. Not only does Zara's new spring campaign feature once more my beloved Toni (again, if you are a regular on this blog you're surely aware of the fact that i am utterly hung up on miss Garrn), but the styling is extraordinary and it is exactly how i want to be dressing. The perfect blend of femininity, boyishness, prep and elegance. All this with just the right injection of cool-ass flavor. They're definitely selling the dream here.



stephanie said...

omgoddddddddd i was just gonna post the top picture i want those shoesssss!!!!!! GREAT!

and speaking of linking you..i am submitting a trend on trench coats and you're in the trend for blogger's to turn to for cues on how to pull the look off. there will be a link to your blog on for the trend ;) ill send you the link to the trend when it's online ;)

and i dont have an EU passport :( ....... i swear i hung the guilt of not getting passports over my mom's head for so long! lol!! it's cause my parent's got divorced and my mom had to move back to Canada. i was born in Lyon and my brother, sebastien was born in Aix. I havent seen my dad since the divorce and he was the link to getting the passport. The other possibility would have been through my grand-mother who was born in Poland and also lived in Germany but moved here in the 50's. But i guess my mom had too much other stuff going on like being 30 with two kids under the ages of 5 and no husband/money to worry about our EU the time i realized i wanted the passport, i was 18 and i tried to file for it through the French Consulate in Montreal, but France won't issue passports/citizenship on the premise of birthright. you have to live there for a minumum of five consecutive years and/or one of you parent's has to be a French citizen. So....long story short- i don't have mine :( but it's OK. im kinda over it- kinda lol! now cause i feel like my life is taking me in another direction than i maybe would have anticipated earlier on. though having multiple passports is never a bad thing! i get so frustrated when a few of my friends tell me they have their British passports via their grand like: i was BORN in Europe and i cant even get mine lol!

about the diet- it kinda sucks...but i got used to it cause i have no choice really. i dont want to be sick so i choose to follow it :) + it's relatively recent i have had my time to binge drink and party all night long while i was at McGill- which is very much why im over it all now lol. Maybe come spring well meet up and ill fill you on the details! maybe we could do an outfit photo session for you!! :)

xx ♥

stephanie said...

and i totally agree with you about adhering to you own style. i was in zara the other day and i actually got a sheer forest green blouse and beige strappy heels but i was thinking of you because there are SO MANY Chloé inspired pieces in there now and to come for SS and it's SO inherent to your style! It's like this season is your time!!!! Stock up! xx


Selling the dream indeed! She looks, makeup, wardrobe...pure perfection! And so true about remaining true to your own style above any trend.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm really enjoying following yours :)

Oh and yes, Sienna was magnificent. You can't keep your eyes off her. And her acting was amazing too. Her best work by far.


my empty closet said...

amen to that. i really want the pants in that last pic...i was just at zara last weekend and it was a complete madhouse because they were trying to get rid of all their old stuff, i guess to make room for all this lovely and sooo refreshing new crop of clothes. love toni gran btw her profile is so beautifully classic!

cant wait to see u, going to text you later !:)