Fashion Over Reason: Stamina

Monday, February 1, 2010


When i was younger, i wholeheartedly despised my profile and had a weird fixation on people i deemed had a flawless face contour. I'm over it now, but this photo of Stam reminded me of those feelings and how certain people are incredibly physically blessed.



ilovecoolthings said...

LOVE the hair...
see - i've never been a fan of the ski jump nose though.... still she's beautiful, that's for sure.

my empty closet said...

tell me about it. she's perfection. and i totally had the same profile fobia haha

i feel like u didn't get my drinks date message? drinksss!!

Stephanie said...

omgod too funny!!! i had this obsession with my profile too! ive gotten completely over it in the last year. sometimes, i agree though, certain pictures and/or people's profiles in real life can remind you of what you once thought you didn't have. the thing with beauty is it's a package and with insecurities, i find we tend to pick at one thing and single it out...but nobody sees just that one thing ;) they see all your features as a whole :)