Fashion Over Reason: Footwear fantasies

Monday, March 1, 2010

Footwear fantasies

I'm really not a Dolce & Gabbana type of girl, but some of their footwear has been consistently irresistible for the past few seasons. Yesterday's show was certainly no exception.

Meanwhile, how amazing were the shoes at Pucci?!?



Anonymous said...

i think i just had a shoegasm.. love them all!!

Stephanie said...

Yup these are GORGEOUS! i love the Pucci collection! Really fabulous pieces. there's this one dress i just adored with lace detailing down the front.


Stephanie said...

The Dolce bit finally loaded and i TOTALLY agree. im not really a dolce girl either, but when it comes to their shoes, i kinda become one lol! they have made some great shoes. and i really liked the gold and black contrast at the fw10 show.


Anonymous said...

Toutes ces chaussures sont top ! Les Dolce & Gabbana sont plus chic que les Pucci, mais j'aime beaucoup les deux !

Jessica said...

Yes, I completely love the Pucci closed toe sandals... They are to die for! And I love the lace pumps from Dolce.. kind of adds some sexiness to the boring old black pump! But the only thing is that I found the Dolce show too similar to last season :|

veronicaa said...

drooling again...
love your blog <3
following for sure.
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xo Veronica