Fashion Over Reason: Hello, i love you

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello, i love you

This works so well. Feels fresh and looks cool. What a package. On a side note, is this Elettra?



stephanie said...

I could definitely see you in this look! and you would kill it!!!!

my mom is so funny, i told her i posted that picture and she's like "oh noooooo. you posted me and my hippie hair?!" LOL! we always see the worst in ourselves lol!

the weather is unbelievable eh?!!!!! I can't really believe the mild winter we're having. im happy about it but it also serves as a pretty shitty reminder of the effects of global warming. and what's with all these damn earthquakes?!!! my older brother and his wife even had one at the cottage up north a few weekends ago!! & i laughed when i read your bit about the sun's rays and the colours because...yet AGAIN! we are on the same mindframe....i was JUST talking with my mom yesterday about the sun in the spring and how it glows and you can just feel what summer feels today i really can feel what i sense on those hot hazy summer days. so i totally get you ;) lol

I LOVE that you recognize the douchy montreal fashion scene too. it's so discouraging, eh? bunch of ego-maniacs who think they're sooo damn cool. lol.

I did watch the Oscars! I'm kinda dissapointed about Meryl to say the least cause i just love her,. but i guess her Oscar worthy performance is yet to come which means there's still an amazing meryl flick in our future lol! but Sandra was really sweet with her acceptance speech :) it was touching. and i honestly thought she looked exceptionally gorgeous that night. loved her hair and the lipstick and the dress on her. it was an Oscar winning look, that's for sure.

I also loved what Rachel McAdams wore..and Zoe Saldana too. the dress was busy but i thought she looks incredible in it. and the shoes. the colour was amazing for her skintone.

truth be told im not usually a "red carpet" girl cause i find the whole nine yards of dressing up just not really my style and i have a hard time loving the red carpet looks the way most people do. That being said, i thought a lot of the dresses we're very "wearable" this year and i honestly really got into the fashion of it all. I kept hearing myself saying "omgod she looks amazing!!!" and i rarely say that during awards shows. i guess i cant really relate or something...

anyways, i also loved what Meryl wore. i thought it looked classy and amazing on her. even the shoes and the nude lip. she's amazing. i cant express enough great things about the woman. mostly because of her unique combination of innate talent and superior humility. she's a hollywood phenomenon in my eyes.

I also thought SJP's hair was AMAZINGGGGGGGG but i couldn't deal with her fake tan....didn't seem like her at all.

OK lol! that's my Oscars rant hahaha!!! What was your favourite look?


KateSouth said...

That jacket is phenomenal! I would sell many things in my closet to own it!