Fashion Over Reason: Kim Noorda, Dutch goddess

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kim Noorda, Dutch goddess

I was shocked and very much taken aback upon reading this food diary held by Kim Noorda about her eating disorder. I suppose you never think that the big time models are afflicted by this painful obsession and that only the ones who are starting off and impressionable succumb to the pressures of this thinner-the-better industry (such as all the models coming forward with allegations against Terry Richardson, which by the way i always got the predator vibe from him - he's always given me the creeps). Anyway, if you don't plan on purchasing April's American Vogue, you MUST read this article about Kim's obsessive thoughts about something as trivial as food. I've always loved her, but now i'm rooting for her.




Francesca Robertson said...

wow that dress makes her look like a goddess

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Stephanie said...

I'm gonna read this article for sure! Is this the issue with Gisele on the cover? was that the april one?

what's happening with terry? models are saying that he endorses eating disorders?


KateSouth said...

I got the Vogue and I wish I could be surprised, but over the past few years the runway models have been continuously shrinking. She is gorgeous and hopefully has been able to overcome her struggle.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I commend her for releasing such sensitive information about herself. She truly is an inspiration to have the courage to let the world in on her disorder. :)

Jessica said...

Definitely going to give this a read. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

great post! such an important topic - i will definitely read the article!

Stephanie said...

Ok i just read the Terry apology--what the F?! Do you believe him? I'm so confused! speaking of rumours...i cant believe the Sandra/Jeese James story: is anyone faithful anymore?! Poor Sandra :( even though im sure she dreads the pity party aspect of this news...i literally wince when i think of her Oscars acceptance speech and this news.


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the party was fun :) I twittered the cake so check out the link in my sidebar--it's worth it!

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Thanks for outfit love :) I hope your cold gets better soon! cold wear your out, don't they?! today's a great resting up day :) snow and all lol!


ARANXA. said...

ahh this dress is amazing.
i like the color of it & GREAT ARTICLE


I always got that vibe from him too! And I can't wait to read this article. The mag is at my apartment waiting. Thanks for telling us about it :)

Anonymous said...

Im sadly not suprised, but Im proud that she's sharing something so personal, and giving insight on the struggle that Im sure so many battle with.
And I second Stephanie on Sandra and Jessy James, WTF? I feel so bad for her, poor Sandy

sorry to hear the weekend in TO was a hurricane-like, we've had amazing weather, it was just an off weekend for us...come back! lol

SabinePsynopsis said...

From time to time Vogue comes out with articles like this (I remember one by Karen Elson describing how she didn't eat for a whole week before a shoot). Even if things haven't improved much it's good to raise the issue sometimes and I have a feeling that things might be changing a tiny little bit.

Stephanie said...

lady i was at Club Monaco today (in this HELLISH weather-- wtF?!!! LOL-- actually not funny at all...had to take the bus to work and half way to the stop i went back home to put on my hooded parka cause it's the only thing that will keep me warm AND dry since an umbrella today was a total lost cause!)

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The Backseat Stylers said...

Kim's such a gorgeous girl. It was so brave of her to share the story of her ongoing struggle.

la petite fashionista said...

just got this issue in the mail-- & you're so right, you never think about the huge successful models having to deal with anorexia & bullimia but-- food can be a painful obsession for them too :/