Fashion Over Reason: Most wanted

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Most wanted

My close entourage and the regular readers of this blog know that i am completely obsessed with shoes. So while i [im]patiently wait for springtime, i tallied up my most wanted from net-a-porter and luisa via roma. Hey - a girl can dream!

1. Alexander Wang
2. Givenchy
3. Giuseppe Zanotti
4. Balmain
5. Alexander Wang
6. Chloé
7. Alexander McQueen
8. Michetti Daniele
9. Maison Martin Margiela
10. Diane Von Furstenberg

[net-a-porter and luisaviaroma]


MissOfVanity. said...

We share the same obsession... ;) I LOVE shoes!!

Unknown said...

sigh. i'd sacrifice them all for just those chloe's

Anonymous said...

i want them all!!!

stephanie said...

FANTASTIC picks!! i want #1, 5, 7 and 9.

Did you see Chloé FW10? Thoughts? i thought it was classic chloé which is great cause the chloé girls is consistently stunning, but apart from a few looks i thought it was SO SIMILAR to the SS10 collection...right down to the hair.


Jessica said...

Hahaha I'm dreaming right with you girl. Lovely shoes.. especially Alex Wang!!!!

Jessica said...

AND steph I TOTALLY agree I felt the SS10 VIBE so much.. without the scalloping, it was basically the same :| I mean I like all the beige and everything and it was sexy and cool, but yea I don't see much difference from SS10.

veronicaa said...

I'm drooling <3
Xo Veronica