Fashion Over Reason: Portée disparue

Monday, March 29, 2010

Portée disparue

My dear readers, i have been MIA due to a schedule overload, but never would i forget about you :)

Top - J Crew
Skirt - French Connection
Tights - Random
Leather lace worn as belt - Vintage
Shoes - Zara
Pearl necklace (worn on wrist) - Vintage
Other bracelet - H&M


MissOfVanity. said...

I really like your tights!!!

stephanie said...

oh look at you pretty lady!!!!!

I've missed you!!! and you're wearing one of the season's best colours: olive green. i love that colour trend because it's really timeless. not that other colour trends aren't i suppose, but this one seems particularly amazing-- i think i'm partial to it cause i love it so much in my wardrobe ;) used the "trend" occasion to snatch a pretty easy to wear dress in the shade from zara recently, i'm thinking it'll be a throw over summer staple.
speaking of summer zara, i found a pair of almost perfect mid length bf cut cut-offs like the one's you've worn/posted about but they ended up being not that great on me so i returned them. so sad too cause the jean was really comfy on them...but the super long zipper and bulky cut/low rise back pockets wasn't. it just wasn't lol.

glad you liked the collegiate blazer look-- i felt like it's "awesomeness" didn't translate to the pictures ;) but since you have amazing taste and approved the look, i trust your "fresh eye/perspective" on the post ;)


Anonymous said...

Tu est très chic ! J'adore tes compensées !

KateSouth said...

I love patterned tights, and yours are gorgeous. That whole outfit works so well, very sleek and nicely accessorized!

Johan Lyckaro said...

Good to have you back:)


Glad you're back! Loving the whole look! Love how you wore your pearl necklace on your wrist and layered the H&M bracelet. Brilliant! :)