Fashion Over Reason: Rock 'n roll

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rock 'n roll

Music is in my blood: i come from a family of musicians and incredibly artistic people and have played almost all of the instruments you can think of. My influences over the years have mostly stemmed from musicians (my first love was Kurt Cobain) and although i wish i could sing, i just can't... which is why - wait for it - i'm a complete sucker for musicals or any type of movie related to song and dance. Especially when it's a biopic. Although i can hardly stand Kristen Stewart (i try to refrain from negativity on this blog, but she is relevant to this post), i am so ecstatic about The Runaways. And it's incredibly strange to see Dakota Fanning all grown. 70's rock chick attire? Yes, please! Anytime.



stephanie said...

I wrote a feature on this movie :) I'm a sucker for music related movies as well. I love everything from Almost Famous (!!!) high school musical LOL and of late, Glee :)

The Runaways should be amazing and i can't wait to see miss Dakota in it!
Also...not Kristen's biggest fan, but only because she always looks so sullen and glum, just not really my vibe lol ;)


Unknown said...

i cannot wait to see it! i keep reading interviews with the costumers and the wardrobe alone seems worth the ticket!


hahaha i feel the same way you do about her. but i cannot wait to see this movie and i'm so loving the 70s rock chick!