Fashion Over Reason: Sheer

Friday, March 12, 2010


Alright my darlings, i am Toronto bound this weekend! I haven't been in ages and a group of my girlfriends spontaneously decided to go. Seeing as we're all getting older, it seems like it'll be the last time we can do this kind of thing and be all together. Anyway, i leave you with this little number and i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Top - Joes Fresh
Skirt - Balenciaga
Bra - Princesse Tam-Tam
Leather lace (worn as belt) - Vintage
Tights - Random
Boots - Lanvin
Denim button down - Levi's
Scarf - Marc Jacobs
Trench coat - Zara


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Have fun, I hope you wear this looks perfect!

Unknown said...

you look so pretty! i love that outfit! all that black with the tan trench and blonde hair, lovely combo.


So cute! Have fun in the T-dot!

Stephanie said...

There it is-- the princess tam tam bras i love so much lol!

LOVE the sheer top on you and your gorgeous smile and personality radiates through these shots!!

Have fun in TO!!! i haven't been since i lived there two years ago and i really miss it! if i can save a few pennies/make a few lol...i want to go this summer. go to Aritzia for me ;) and try Terroni's on Queen West. Delish!!!


Stephanie said...

OK and i just noticed you're wearing Lanvin boots: ahhhhhhh maaizingggggg!!1 they're gorgeous. adore the silver details and mr. elbaz is too cute for words. i love him. he once said his clothes were meant to whisper, not yell. i really love the image that connotes for his pieces. timeless. elegance.


Jessica said...

You are coming to my city!!! :)
Hope you have fun. Make sure to check out Kensington (for amazing vintage finds.) Dundas + Spadina area.
Hope you have fun.
You look amazing. Very daring to wear such a sheer top! But I love it paired with sheer tights too and your boots are CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Johan Lyckaro said...
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Anonymous said...

its raining in TO, boo-hoo!

amalie said...

great top!

Anonymous said...

amazing outfit!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh I LOVE this outfit - that sheer top is perfection. Have fun!! :)

KateSouth said...

Gorgeous outfit. I love the shoes, tights and trench in particular.

SabinePsynopsis said...

I bet you had a great time because this outfit looks absolutely amazing. Black in black - what can I say - it always beats everything else!

MissOfVanity. said...

I love your loook!!! :)

Stephanie said...

how was Toronto?!!!

This week's weather has been amazing! Those Spring shots were taken Tuesday- incredible day, eh?! Most people go for ice cream in the early spring days...but i can't have ice cream so i treated myself to gorgeous flowers lol.! Theyre on my desk and they look amazing :)

Thanks for feedback/praise on the new place :) I'm sooo glad you like it!!! :) Truthfully, apart from some furniture purchases...i had a lot of the accent pieces already-- they just look way better here than they ever did in my room in the last place lol! i also really committed myself to unpacking i was pretty much "ready" in a week...i hate living in boxes for too long :)

The trench shot is SO YOU! As a matter of fact, i thought of you when i posted it!!! I'm like, this is SO Hélène! ;)

My week has been OK...but it got shitty yesterday...i woke up with this toe situation on Tuesday and by Tuesday night it was unbearable. went to the doctor yesterday...and i have an infection on my baby toe :( and i have to take antiobiotics for 10 days. i have a really awful history with antibiotics (will explain when we meet ;)) and this batch is kind of giving me a hard time so im feeling a little under the weather right now. im sooo hibernating today lol! the blinds are closed and im doing some writing until 12 when there's a movie a TV i want to watch :) ughhhh the thought of 10 days of this...b r u t a l lol!!!