Fashion Over Reason: Trench stories

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trench stories

I'm so happy that the temperature has climbed to above 0 warmth, cause i'm really feeling my trench coat as of late. It's such a perfect touch, adding some class to my sass.

Dress - Vintage
Grey Cardigan - Gap
Denim button down - Levi's
Tights - MaxMara
Trench - Zara
Boots - Michael Kors
Scarf - Marc Jacobs
Bag - Givenchy


Anonymous said...

great outfit! love your trenchcoat!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love the layering and textures!

Stephanie said...

oh lady you crack me up!! lol! RE: "class to my sass":amazing!! haha!

You KNOW I adore that trench on you + the burgundy boots and the beige tights and the denim top: it's LOVE. so gorgeous on you!!!

finally packed up half my room and my entire kitchen....too tired right now lol. packing up is so exhausting and overwhelming...not sure what's more intimidating that, or cleaning up the new place lol!
cant wait to be back to my real life (i honestly feel like im a moving twilight zone lol).


I V Y said...

love this! great trench, florals and bag!

cool blog!



after dawn said...

really like what you're wearing here: the denim, white tights, boots, flowers.. all so good together! x

Cynthia said...

I'm also glad fashion is finish, it was 2 intense weeks of work to finalize the show and After party at Koko!
I was working for the designer Ralph Leroy!!! And I think I saw a picture of you front row at the yves Lacasse show!!??

I'm actually in marketing and I also cannot wait to be done in a month!!!!yeah!!! after 2 years of desing and 3 year of marketing its time for me to move on!

on this Have a beautiful week-end(enjoying the sunny day!)


love it! you look amazing!!! it's so warm here in NYC today..haven't stepped outside yet because I'm not sure what to wear. you've inspired me to break out a trench :)

hope you're enjoying the weekend!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Cette veste en denim est juste parfaite !

O'STYLE said...

Lovely girrrl!!
I have posted a new outfit right now and I'm wearing a trench!! Lololo!!


Jessica said...

I love your mix of stuff.. denim and florals! And brown boots.. and to top it off a trench <3 you look great and I AM SO HAPPY that the temp is going above 0!! I actually went for a run today outside, it is beautiful and sunny! Yay spring!!

Unknown said...

At first with your jean jacket you screamed posh grunge then with the nice trench coat I nearly died - you look like a stylish Londoner!As to your question, I live in Seattle, but my mum was born in france and raised in England. Our whole family is french...somehow we ended up here, once I'm older I'll move to England.

Unknown said...

I love this outfit! The layering looks perfect and the colours are so refreshing. Gorgeous.