Fashion Over Reason: White flag

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White flag

Some of you may know that Solve Sundsbo is one of my all time favorite photographers. And some of you may be aware that Jac is one of my favorite rising [fashion] stars. Combine the two and beauty has no other choice but to ensue. I fell in love immediately - the touching sophistication emanating from the screen was the perfect amount of delicate and won me over instantly. I cannot wait to see these in print.



veronicaa said...

Love the colours & the styling!
Beautiful photographs.
I would wear any of this lingerie!
XO Veronica

Clara Campelo said...

amazing pics
lovely blog

Clara Campelo said...

oh yeah. thanks, dear.
i'm in love with your blog too
i hope we can exchange followers.
If you follow me I follow you too

Josie said...

These photos are amazing. What beautiful styling.
xxoo Josie


gorgeous! they do make quite a combo :)

Stephanie said...

sooooo pretty!!!

omgosh i KNOW about the weather!!! Def not the most optimal cabane a sucre kind though!

What are your weekend plans? Im planning to take Friday off with the rest of LOULOU even though my easter dinner is Monday plans though for the weekend really...hopefully just gonna get out a little and enjoy the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

i love these pics!

Stephanie said...

...and about GG! I am up to date-- i tune in every Monday night...but truthfully apart from this week's episode and the Thanksgiving one, I find this season sooooooo boring. I couldn't get over the level of inappropriate/tackiness taking place in last week's Serena and Nate strawberries & whipped cream scene: soooo awkward, i just wanted it to be OVER! lol!!


stephanie said...

i knew i couldn't be alone on that awkwardness lol!

have fun in Sherbrooke! i love Easter for the chocolate-- i've already started digging into some mini lindt bunnies lol! we celebrate monday night...hopefully gonna manage to take friday off like everyone else im working with...but freelancing is kinda another ballgame "time off" wise. but im really gonna try cause i know the weather will just kill me! and knowing everyone is off lol!

probably gonna take it easy also, stroll sherbrooke st or laurier and have some bilboquet sorbet with the best girl. enjoy the weather mostly :)

oh! i was at zara DT today and i thought of you-- i'm not sure it's better post renovations: no matter what it's overwhelming and always seemingly scattered. scored an awesome skirt and killer faux leather (though admittedly "faux" unintentionally) "wang" camel beige jacket last weekend and between having to go back cause the cashier forgot to remove ALL the sensors (!!) and going back a second time to return a t-shirt, i kinda feel like i OD's on zara and i can't even see the nice pieces clearly anymore lol! you know that feeling?! haha! xx


Anonymous said...

Loving your blog!

Unknown said...

These are breathtaking!!!!

Georgia said...

beautiful post! love these xx