Fashion Over Reason: You know you got it going on

Thursday, March 11, 2010

You know you got it going on

I'm so crazy for this look. Rock chic at its finest - are we really surprised?! Plus those shoes are so incredibly sexy (send those Pigalle Louboutins my way, please!), i'm going a little mad over the pointy-toe comeback!



Ash Fox said...

AH i love this! those shoes are hot, but killl your feet. they are a refreshing sight against all of the chunky stuff we've been seeing.


Stephanie said...

I can't see the picture and ive tried re-loading three times :( ill check back later :)

re: miu miu i WHOLEHARTEDLY agree with you- i love that line so much and i really think it's gaining more and more popularity with every season. esp. with the SS10 collection's reputation (people were tweeting for the FW10 show that they were trampling one another to get in!)
I love all the gem details she does. the pieces are always elegantly cut with a ruffle or gemstone detail that gives it an "i want to look pulled together but don't take me too seriously" edge which i can't get enough of.

I can't ooh and ahh enough about miu miu. it's just the best! lol!

and i totally agree with you about everything you said re: the long hemlines and awkward new lengths and cuts. I can appreciate the runway role it plays, but still not sure how it will translate to "mainstream" aka zara and h&m lol.
it's totally a grunge backlash and overall the feminine pieces are all VERY welcome in my books. More timeless, no? :) Also into the resurgence of pointy shoes... have a pair of black suede, patent and buffed leather (it's like a tier detail) stuart weitzmans that i bought in '08 and i still remember when i first put them on. i wasn't wearing heels as much then and i felt soooo tall lol! now they're probably one of my lowest heels, but they're classic and im glad i have them in my arsenal.

as for the kitten heels...not such a fan. BUT i will A) agree with you on never say never: i used to tell my mom the clogs she wears in the kitchen (did you know they're full out chef wear?! lol) we're sooo ugly and you'd never see me in them and even though i don't think they're flattering shoes i can appreciate them in a fashionable realm this season for their incredible comfort and wooden nature (ive been in a love affair with wooden heels since last summer when i went to every shoe store possible in search of a good Marni knock-off only to be disappointingly met with cork heels...sigh). that said, i won't be wearing them. but my opinion changed lol.

and B) i saw whitney port wearing a black strappy flower adorned pair in a season 1 of The City and i fell in love with them. probably also because her legs are thin and a mile long that she can pull anything off...but i'd definitely at the very least try on that pair if i ever saw them to test if i could pull off the trend.

THE END. lol!
i love our essay exchange comments haha!

enjoy the beautiful weather! im inside writing.....;)

Stephanie said...

Just saw the pics!!! this KATE look is amazing and im pretty sure ashley olsen has the shoes too. LOVE them so much. patent pointy heels with a little toe cleavage....pretty positive no one does this classic style better than mr.louboutin ;) if you get a two for one offer on these--- i'm a size 9 in Louboutin ;)


Cindy said...

i saw a girl wearing these last week. she looked like she wanted to die. they are def. shoes you sit in, no support. i do enjoy a slightly pointed toe though, just ones that are a bit kinder to the feet, lol.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Way, way cool! With a jacket, trousers and pointy toe shoes like this you don't need much else, me think. (I'm quite excited about the pointy toe comeback, too, though my toes won't be...)


Sooo fabulous! And I adore pointy shoes...I've never put mine away. I have many relatives and friends who often refer to my shoes as roach killer shoes because they are so pointy. :)

Have a great weekend! xoxo