Fashion Over Reason: Backseat lover

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Backseat lover

I was very drawn to this photo. I think it looks like one of those real-life moments when it feels like you're living a movie. Do you guys know what i'm talking about? I love those moments.



veronicaa said...

Xo Veronica

Stephanie said...

i know those moments lol! but i don't smoke so they don't really look like this image...sometimes i'll be living something and just think, this could use a soundtrack and it would be straight out of a movie! i love spotting other "movie scenes" too. like yesterday, i was at a traffic light and two very well dresses women were crossing the road with flowers in their hands...clearly for someone they were going to visit and from the corner of the street come this father and son team heading to the hockey game in full hockey gear and they literally break the two women apart by squeezing in between was so interesting to watch: two very different couple of people from different parts of life..converging while crossing the street-- and i don't even think they realized it at all. well there's my musing for the day lol!



Totally know what you mean. It's so raw yet magical and perfect. Love the lighting and the emotion.


une fille pas comme les autres said...

WWWouououaaaaa!!! la selection de tes photos est exceptionnel!!

Laci and Frizzy said...

haha love those moments :)
the photo is stunning! the smoke! wow
have a nice day :)

Style, She Wrote said...

Yes, we do! Love this picture.