Fashion Over Reason: Make sure you do it wise

Friday, April 30, 2010

Make sure you do it wise

Sometimes, when you can hardly find the time to breathe, one should still take a few to immortalize a daily getup. I couldn't resist a few action shots, as Green Day's "When I Come Around" was playing. A classic. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thanks again for your patience.

Top - Chloé
Shorts - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - Nine West
Cardigan - Joe Fresh
Blazer - Second hand


Grace said...

The touch of leopard is fabulous my dear.

Love Grace.

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

You look lovely; love the dancing photo :)

Anonymous said...

great outfit! and your legs are so toned! jealous:P

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

First, I'm so glad you are back in action, you have the BEST inspiration =) Second, that outfit is sassy, cute, and perfect!!! I wish you were in my town, you would be my go to gal for when I can't find a thing to wear =)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Love this! what a great color top! xoxox

Barbara von Enger said...

Dancing in the kitchen wearing vintage shorts, now that's a wonderful way to greet the weekend;-) Have fun, sweetie!

Stephanie said...

That top was gorgeous to begin with and the fact that it's Chloe only makes it that much better!! I love this outfit with the leopard belt: gorgeous!! The belt is the perfect accent to the blouse's colour as well as the overall look: it breaks it up amazingly!

So......I am officially dying lol! I got my puppy and let me tell you: I did not expect the sleepless nights/stress it would bring! the poor thing is a) soooooo cute! and b) whimpers all night long really high pitched. I feel so bad cause i know she's adjusting but omg i wonder when my next proper night sleep will be lol!

anywayssss as soon as she and I are better adjusted, ill be back to posting incl. a pic of the little thing lol.

Hope you had a good weekend! So much for the sunny sat we were supposed to have! but i guess at least it was warm lol!



Charlotte Elise Jay said...


Love these shorts and the green coloured shirt matched with the belt - sooo lovely!!

to answer ur question about that editorial I found it on someones blog - Clever Nettle - theres a link on the post and it originates from Fudge magazine in Tokoyo!!

Char x

Anonymous said...

Merci ^^

J'adore ta blouse :)


You look adorable! I can just hear the song now :)

Your belt & top are amazing!