Fashion Over Reason: Rock chick

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rock chick

Who could argue with that?



Cynthia said...

I love this picture! She as such a rock appeal to her.

For the Phi inspired boots i got them on ebay...was a bit skeptical at first but I love them when i received them. The Aldo pumps are bit weird in the sizing, but nothing a insole can't fix.

Have a great day!!!

Ash Fox said...

she has the best leather pants!


Unknown said...

nobody could! i love this look, and i think if i owned that vest i'd wear it every single day!

Anonymous said...

love her, and her leather pants!

Stephanie said...

You changed your layout!!!! It looks amazing!!!!!!! xx

and Kate does! I believe this look def. beckons the term, FIERCE haha!!! xx

nerea said...

I love it!