Fashion Over Reason: Sitting pretty

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sitting pretty

Such simplicity, such ease, such elegance, and such cool composure. I mean, you can't fake this stuff.



amstervrouwtje said...

looks great

rouli said...

very cool outfits!!!!!!!!!!!

great blog!!!!!!!

come visit me!!!


They're both perfect. How I love her stockings!

MissOfVanity. said...

I like both! I really like Olsen, except when they wear clothes like a homeless... I can't understand it, they wear very expensive clothes one day, and another day, they wear clothes like if they had taken it out of the waste!


Stephanie said...

One of my all-time favourite shots of Ashley! I remember finding it when i first started blogging :) love that fendi bag as much as she loves it (so she states in their book, Influence.)

P.s we need to get Blasberg's latest book, Classy! So our style LOL


Marta from With Love... said...

perfection! simplicity always works, at least that is what I think :P


Anonymous said...

Love Love LOVE the first pic!



Anonymous said...

love MK! : )

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Anonymous said...

Gah, I LOVE her bag. And the tights. And the sunnies. I love it all :)


Anonymous said...

*love*!! such perfect monday inspiration...i can't get enough of the crisp look...relaxed but so pulled together! The little pink bag she has is awesome too :)


O'STYLE said...

I love the first one pic, she's gorgeous! Love that kind of beauty!

Huge kiss chick!

rouli said...

hey blogger!!!

thanks so much for comm:))


Grace said...

Linda in the first shot! My god that woman just has it.

Love Grace.

PS. I really hope that is Linda E or boy are my cheeks red!