Fashion Over Reason: This is where i long to be

Friday, April 16, 2010

This is where i long to be

I'm really hoping for a road trip this summer. This photo is giving me a serious urge to scratch that itch.



Stephanie said...

omgoddddd ya for sure-- it's gorgeous! and has such s summertime feel!

Good luck with everything and hang in projects can be so trying on our patience because not everyone sees the same things...i nearly killed one of partners in my graduate degree when we were working on this sound documentary: i totally blew up at him was awful! So i sympathize and it will be over soon enough :) xx

at least it's rainy weather: good for indoor stuff like finishing up school work ;) xx

la petite fashionista said...

ah this picture makes me crave a day out on the boat.. summer cant come soon enough!

Couture said...

Beautiful picture!

Unknown said...

that picture is gorge x

Anonymous said...

i want to come with you! :P amazing pic!


I so long for that too. You should totally do it! Where would you go?