Fashion Over Reason: May 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

A little recap

So as you may or may not know, i've been in nyc since wednesday and so far having the best time. Which also explains why i haven't had the chance to keep up with all your lovely blogs. I've been posting sporadically when i have time... And i'll be posting photos of my jaunt upon my return. Having such a blast and i'm so excited to see all my friends. I'm in brooklyn until tomorrow, staying with the gaysband and then i'm on over to tribeca to be with my old roommate until i leave on tuesday. Should soon be heading out for a little topshop and opening ceremony action, as well as an absolute must-stop at the new all saints boutique. All in all, busy day ahead!

I leave you with a little shot of my jib and my darling jeremy's exquisite pamela love necklace. (i hope he doesn't notice it's missing when i leave)

The one

Raquel is one of the most amazing and versatile models out there and i still get so giddy when i see her in magazines because she always surprises me.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Empire state of mind

Hey guys! So i'm in nyc until next tuesday, therefore i'm not sure i'll be posting until then. If so, it'll most likely be very sporadic. Hope you guys have a great weekend and for all my american readers, an amazing long weekend!


Mad hatter

Ever since i received this hat for my birthday, i've been completely obsessed with it and simply wear it all the time.

T-shirt - Gap
Jeans - The Kooples
Shoes - Nine West
Leather jacket - H&M
Hat - Brixton
Bag - Bottega Veneta

Put a ring on it

I'm not really a jewelry person - i barely ever put any on, but i do like rings a lot in spite of not wearing them very much. However, i fell head over heels with this Chanel ring. I think it's the pearls that got me.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the navy

This look is very inspiring for two specific reasons: 1) such a classic, but "with a twist" and 2) i have the long lost twin of those shorts and that top. Natch!



If i had the balls, i would dye my hair red. I'm also thoroughly enjoying the mandarin lip on miss McNeil.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Le Cheap c'est Chic - literally!

The details on lovely Stephanie's fresh cream look were too good to not share. This second hand blazer is just incredible!


A pop of color

Before it got so sweltering, i recently stepped out in this attire. I kind of have an aversion to leggings (when worn as pantaloons), but as long as your bottom is covered, i'm ok with it. But i love this pair because they are slightly thicker and have a long zipper coming up the side of the leg for some extra edge, so to speak. Now i'm getting hot just looking at it.

T-shirt - Zara
Leggings - Zara
Blazer - Second hand
Shoes - Nine West
Scarf - Marshall's
Bag - Givenchy

Mane attraction

So i've finally come across a photo of Dree Hemingway that i like - gasp! This hair is phenomenal.


Down by the sea

I suppose it's only natural that my recent photos choices reflect my current mood. And that mood, folks, is full-on summer madness! It's going to be 33 degrees celcius in montreal today (that's 91F), which is completely insane for this time of year. Magnificent creature Raquel looks absolutely graceful in the sun, kind of like myself. HA!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome, summer!

Between the weather being so collaborative this week and the birthday festivities, i've been quite excited about summer finally feeling like it's among us. This photo just made me wish i were able to throw on my two-piece and head to the pool.



Miss V's style is just as charming as she is.


Yeah, we're hot, what?

Their chemistry is undeniable. Why, you may ask? Because Behati and Jamie are a real-life couple acting as one night stand acquaintances. Hot hot hot.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Queen Kate

Not quite sure about the hair, somehow i just find it ages her... but damn she looks fantastic. Those Pigalles!!


Old lady

Thanks to all of you for the sweet, lovely and wonderful birthday wishes! I had such an amazing night with the greatest friends in the world. An impromptu soirée at our local pub made for the perfect evening. Sadly though, i did not get my wish: the Habs lost again. But there's still hope for tonight as we're back on our home turf!

Anyway, i just wanted to share with you some candids of the night.

I know my lips look weird, apparently my bright pink lipstick didn't really translate well with the camera...

T-shirt - h&m
Skirt - h&m
Shoes - Nine West

The most gorgeous sisters on the planet and the best friends one could ask for ♥

Chowing down - ain't nothin' like good ol' pub fare

The evening's fine footwear

To max or not to max? is asking the age old question: Are you a maxi-nista?. I can honestly say that i am not. I love to show off my legs with mini-as-hell skirts and shorts, and while i enjoy long styles on others, i always felt awkward in floor-grazing lengths. However! As once priorly mentioned, i am seriously toying with the thought of investing in a maxi. I have been won over, in large part due to my main man Dries and look 43 of his fw10 collection. Perhaps as i get older shorter styles no longer feel as appropriate? I don't feel as comfortable sporting my hot pants as i once did, strangely... Anyway, so here are some looks that had a hand in my turnaround.

In order of appearance: 2 street style shots (the second one being the fantastic Yasmin Sewell), Philosophy, Richard Chai, The Row, Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors (ignore the cowl neck), Anne Valérie Hash


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

White on white

I love the feel of white on white. It just has such a crisp and fresh flavor. And for some reason my roots are looking incredibly dark... i swear they are actually much lighter than that!

Oh and ps it's my birthday today and all i really want is for the Habs to win. GO HABS GO!!!

T-shirt - Pencey
Jeans - No name
Shoes - Givenchy
Cuff - Marc Jacobs

Flash forward

I know this isn't exactly the type of getup that you want to see in late may when the sun is blaring and all you long for are hot summer days, but i really love the look.


An explosion of colors

This is kind of amazing.


Monday, May 17, 2010

An extra large thank you

If you happen to be a little curious about me and would like to know more, go check out this great feature by Jessica from Marvelous Things. Jess, thanks so much for lovely spotlight! Hope you guys enjoy it :)


Valley girl

Erin Heatherton looks like a doll.