Fashion Over Reason: Climb every mountain

Monday, May 17, 2010

Climb every mountain

I'm loving this look, it feels so fresh with the colorful scarf. And i'm absolutely dying for a white/off-white lace top, i've been looking everywhere for the perfect one. In my quest for the perfect white lace t-shirt, i've noticed that it's really difficult to make white lace look expensive, even when it actually is.



Unknown said...

The sheer lace sweater is fantastic!


Taylor Sterling said...

Me too! This is hot!

Stephanie said...

I saw this look on fashion toast inititally and LOVED it so much!! It's amazing, eh?!! and you're SO right about white lace!! lol!


ilovecoolthings said...

i just got the perfect cream lace top today. i LOOOOOVE it.


Cindy said...

such a good look!!
i know what you mean about lace. it's so easily tacky but when it's right it's amazing.

i get what you mean about ash's dress i know it's vintage cdg or something epic to that nature but it doesn't mean it will look good. sometimes i wonder if her clothing choices are trying to be out there and risky to make a point b/c there's no way she has bad taste. this dress maybe would have worked on a taller girl. its like when rachel bilson wear uber wide pants, not flattering on their petite frame.
mk is amazing in head to toe givenchy. i lust the jacket, a-mazing.

Anonymous said...

This lace top much better than the AA one!!