Fashion Over Reason: Down by the sea

Monday, May 24, 2010

Down by the sea

I suppose it's only natural that my recent photos choices reflect my current mood. And that mood, folks, is full-on summer madness! It's going to be 33 degrees celcius in montreal today (that's 91F), which is completely insane for this time of year. Magnificent creature Raquel looks absolutely graceful in the sun, kind of like myself. HA!




WOW it's that warm there!!! Much warmer than here. It's 64 and cloudy right now...supposed to warm up to 74 later.

I'm in beach mode too. Guess it has something to do with Memorial Day being this weekend. I'm all about the sun & surf :)

Unknown said...

thats amazing! we've got it here too, you'll have to find a pool somehow!

Stephanie said...

kind of like myself, hahahahah! you're hilarious, girl!

love this blazer and you would look MAGNIFICENT in this who doesn't look toes dipped in the sea? it's an automatic cool-down...and your clothes don't get wet at that level i making any sense haha!

oh...the poor habs....have been tuning into the Glee marathon....the game prob ended by now...wonder if they scored to tie the game in the last five minutes.