Fashion Over Reason: Gold stars

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gold stars

Seeing as i do find my 2 cents necessary, here are, in no particular order, my best dressed picks from last night's MET gala. On a side note, i was really disappointed about the Olsens' no show.

Chloë Sevigny in Proenza Schouler (does she ever look bad?? Her fearlessness is inspiring) / Kate Bosworth in Valentino (jaw.on.the.ground.)

Elizabeth Banks in Gucci (can you say pleasantly surprised!? Never would i have thought i'd like her in anything! No offense...) / SJP in Halston Heritage (her innate sense of style just brings out how fantastic she looks, even if this isn't groundbreaking)

Alexa Chung in 3.1 Phillip Lim (originality points, she looks great while staying true to her quirk)/ Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein (can you say classic elegance? Although this does remind me of Ashley Olsen's DVF from a few years ago)

Liya Kebede in Rachel Roy - on the right, duh (this girl always blows me away with her sartorial choices, now THIS is the way to do black!) / Natasha Poly in Michael Kors (OMGGGG She looks AMAAAZING - like a liquid gold goddess/statue, whichever you like)

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Balenciaga (eye catching and out of the box: 2 very respectful attributes) / Jamie Bochert in Rodarte for Gap (ok first of all, what's this "for Gap" thing?!? Do they realy expect me to believe that this dress will be in Gap stores at some point in time? And secondly, Jamie looks showstopping: effortless, original and true to herself. And i love that bag)

Camilla Belle in Jason Wu (cause, well, does she ever look bad??! She's like a creature from another world) / Amber Valetta in RM Roland Mouret (because i just adore her and let's be honest, she looks phenomenal)

Carolina Herrera in *try and take a wild guess* (now THIS is how you dress for a Ball!! The sophistication! The color! The simplicity! I was floored, not gonna lie) / Naomi Watts in Lanvin (another curve ball for me here - Naomi usually goes quite unnoticed but this looks is stunning)

And last but not least: Zoë Saldana in Calvin Klein - need i say more?

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Teresa said...

Wow, Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger always look amazing! And Camilla Belle looks twice her age but ravishing in that dress!


Ashley said...

I was so sad at the lack of Olsens too! Agree that Chloe & Diane (and Pacey) looked especially amazing.

Anonymous said...

Best dressed for me were Kate, Chloë and Zoe! They just looked stunning!
xoxo Sandra


Great picks! I hadn't seen Carolina. She looked gorgeous too :)

stephanie said...

I loved Chloe in P.S-- she really knows how to switch it up for the red carpet and no one could pull off that look as well as she did.

Also LOVED Charlotte's Balenciaga look: amazing! and Naomi Watt's jewel toned gown and SJP- always ;) Alexa's unique touch (i didn't love the look initially but upon second glance i loved the way she was so true to her style and the ankle grazing pants and the burgundy pout: amazing touch. Saldana's look was impeccable! and you didn't include Anne hathaway in Valentino, and while i've never been a fan of the tulle "princess" dresses, i honestly thought she looked stunning. the dress was so well suited to her and she looked like she was glowing! I also LOVED the Diane look but it reminded me SOOO much of Ashley O's look at the MET Gala last year, right down to the hair and with her Row gown-- remember?

ok that's my MET rundown lol! Oh! and natasha Poly also killed it!! loved that gilded look on her.
Seriously the MET Gala did not dissapoint this year, eh?!


The Backseat Stylers said...

Great post! You've included in your top picks some of my favourite and least favourite looks. Loved Naomi, Amber and Alexa. Hated Chloe, SJP and Jamie. Funny how that works out!

minor keys said...

Wow, nice. I like Ph. 1, 2, 4 and 8. Especially Natasha Poly. Liquid goddess yes.

Anonymous said...

Je ne suis pas très fan de la tenue de Chloé Sévigny, mais les autres sont très belles !